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ZZ Top - Got me under pressure
Data 29/03/2010 13:30  Autor ZZ Top  Accesari 1266  Limba Global
She likes wearin' lipstick, she likes French cuisine
but she won't let me use my passion unless it's in a limousine. 

She got me under pressure,
she got me under pressure.

She likes the art museum, she don't like Pavlov's dog.
She fun at the mind museum, she likes it in a London fog.
She don't like other women, she likes whips and chains.
She likes cocaine and flippin' out with great Danes.
She's about all I can handle, it's too much for my brain.

It's got me under pressure,
It's got me under pressure.

I'm gonna give her a message,
here's what I'm gonna say:
"It's all over."
She might get out a nightstick
and hurt me a real real bad
by the roadside in a ditch.

It's got me under pressure,
it's got me under pressure.

It's got me under pressure,
ït's got me under pressure. 
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